Biker Bible in French

The New Testament presented by bikers for bikers.
The Biker Bible also contains life stories transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ !

With the testimony of :
Patrick Willmé, fondateur de The Way MM (France).
Marc Claasen de The Way MM (France).
Ti-Claude de Maranatha MC (Quebec, Canada).
Michel et Angéline (Switzerland).
Dominique Romero de Jesus Bikers MM (France).
Denis Thor Kagstrup de The Salvation Riders MC (Norway).
Thierry Rougeot de Biker For Christ MM (France).
Hans-Peter Gehrig des Disciples of Christ MM (Switzerland).
Monique Stroebel de The Way MM (France).
Ben Priest de Tribe of Juda (USA).
Laurent Baudoin de Route 777 (Switzerland and France).
Patrick Fontaine, former punk and gang leader. (France).
The Drummer Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden.
Patrice Sauvair des Fils du Tonnerre (France).
Pascale et Richard Gayon de Objectif Terre Promise (New Caledonia, France).
Ti Rouge de Maranatha MC (Quebec, Canada).
Mike Fitton de la Christian Motorcyclists Association (Inited Kingdom).
Olli, a former hooligan, Punk, Skinead and Neo-Nazi (Deutchland).
Juha Matisson (Sueden).
Eduardo Fernandes de la Christian Motorcyclists Association (Portugal)
Helma Bielfeld.
Serge Hänzi des Disciples of Christ MM (Switzerland).
Ole Krististian Kjenes (Norway).
Peter Baltes of Accept (Deutchland).
Micky Cusseddu de Biker For Christ Corsica.
Ulf Christiansen Jerusalem (Sueden).
Brian Weich du groupe Korn (USA).

By purchasing a Biker Bible, you support the free distribution among bikers.

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Biker Bible in French

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Manufacturing Location:Germany


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