Metal Bible in French (Box of 50 pieces)
The Bible metallers

The New Testament presented by metalheads for metalheads.
The Metal Bible also contains life stories transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

With the testimony of:
The Drummer Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden.
Michael Sweet of Stryper.
Rob Rock.
Richard Lynch St.
Mathias Kugler.
Ulf Christiansen Jerusalem.
Peter Baltes of Accept.
Ted Kirckpatrick Tourniquet.
Brian Welch of Korn.
Bob Beeman Sanctuary International.
Matt Smith Theocracy.
Mike Pflüger Seventh Avenue.
Tommy Aldridge of Whitesnake.
Steve Rowe of Mortification.
Matthias Rüegger of Disobedience.
The Way of Monique Trröbel.
Scott Waters of Ultimatum.
Olli, a former hooligan, Punk, Skinead and Neo-Nazi.
Heli Nothdurf, old witch.
Dave Ellefson of Megadeth.
Gabriela Sepulveda Boanerges.
Lasse Niskala
Herbie Langhans Seventh Avenue.
Luke Remo Crimson Thorn.
Slav Simanic.
Patrick Fontaine, former punk and gang leader.
Mark Allen, former guitarist of Ex-Voto.
Charles Evans, former Satanism.

Metal Bible in French

Brand:Bible for the Nations
Product Number:LI-MB-FR-1911


Manufacturing Location:Germany


300.00 EUR